Git and GitHub for Beginners #1

What is Git and GitHub? -An Introduction


  1. Easy recovery of files: Git allows you to recover the files which you might have accidentally deleted while working on new version of your project.
  2. Who introduced what changes in code: Suppose you are working in a team project and someone commits some changes to your code which causes an issue or bug in your project, then you can easily see which team member of yours has done it. The team collaboration will become more clear when we discuss about GitHub.
  3. Rollback to any previous state of code: Git allows you to roll back to any previous state of code which you might need at any point of time.




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Abhishek Raghav

Hey there! I am an undergrad at IIT Jodhpur (2019–23) pursuing B. Tech. in CSE. Being a tech enthusiast, I love to gain and share knowledge about tech content.