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StopStalk is a one stop website for all the competitive programmers. The website provides features such as:
1. Looking all your competitive profiles at a glance.
2. Stalking your friends’ profiles.
3. Get updates about latest programming contests.
4. Searching problems as per the topics or website names and adding them to ToDo list.

Git- Three Stage Architecture

First of all, let us have a look at a two stage architecture Version Control System.

In a two stage Version Control System, we work on our working directory, commit some changes and then push to the repository. Then again, we can pull the changes from the repository (changes…

Getting started with Git

First of all, go to the official website of Git and install git on your device. The installation process is simple, you can just follow the documentation given on the site and it will be installed easily.

Once the installation is complete, search Git Bash in your PC and open…

What is Git and GitHub? -An Introduction


Imagine you are working on a project. After completion of your project, you convert it into a zip folder and save it as “”. Now after few days, you make some edit in your project and thinking that it is the final version you save another folder as “”. But…

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Hey there! I am an undergrad at IIT Jodhpur (2019–23) pursuing B. Tech. in CSE. Being a tech enthusiast, I love to gain and share knowledge about tech content.

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